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Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Megan Ashley

You’re currently sitting at your computer ( or on your phone ) thinking, who the heck do I freaking hire to photograph my wedding? You want someone who can fit into your family and friends group, who you can have fun with, feel safe around, and you definitely don’t want your photos to feel awkward and posy.

Hi, i’m Megan, your Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

I’ve had the honour of witnessing and documenting couples get hitched since 2017, and each and every time it’s so freaking amazing to be a part of. Two people, who were destined to meet, decide to commit to this crazy thing called love, and then send one email, to another human (that’s me) who then joins these two people on their favourite date, and bam… a beautiful wedding album is born!

ok, maybe there’s a few more steps involved, but that’s why you’re here! You’ve met, you’ve chosen to get married, now you need the third piece to your love puzzle… That’s where I come in.

(this is me btw..)

Abbotsford wedding photographer

I want you to imagine you’re sitting in a room full of people you love, celebrating 50 years of marriage. In your lap is your wedding album (The one I mentioned above) It’s worn and well loved. You open it to the first page, it’s a portrait of you and your partner with much less grey hair.  Your smiles are beaming, your hair is blowing in your face, and you are transported back to that day. The smell of fresh air, the sound of the brief rain that passed over just in time to miss your ceremony. An eruption of laughter fills the room and you look up to find your sister reminiscing about her near accident on the dance floor all those years ago. Closing the album you hug it tightly to your chest, it’s your most cherished possession. 

My approach to your day is simple. It’s about how you want to FEEL on your wedding day, you want a photographer that can be with you throughout your day, full immersed in the whole experience.

I attend in a whole different way than just an Abbotsford wedding photographer. I’m your hype girl, family friend, dance partner, adventure buddy, best girlfriend, but most importantly i’m your story teller.

Why makes me different than other Abbotsford Wedding Photographers?

  • First and foremost, I care about your well being. How you feel on your wedding day is so important. ** I should add personal emotional guard to my list above…
  • I’m your guide, not your director. I’ll find the spots, the light all the things than create beautiful images, then allow you the space to just be yourselves. I promise I will never make you do anything that feels weird or un natural. #scoutshonour
  • I keep a cooler full of beer and tequila in my trunk at all times….
  • Inclusiveness, I believe love is love, no matter what. I proudly serve the LGBTQ+ community.

If you’ve made it this far ( it’s likey the beer and tequila comment ) we’re about to dive in a little deeper. I’ve made some promises along the way, and you might be wondering how it all works, and how I hold tight to those promises?

(scroll down through a few me..


The simple answer?

I listen. LIKE actually listen… not just a nodding head agreeing with all the things kinda listen. I focus my attention on how you interact with one another, the vision you have for your day, all the little ways your voices change when you speak about certain elements you want to include. I ask a million and one questions, and I take all of this information and head into photographing your wedding knowing so much about you two that i’m simply just a friend attending, fully immersed in all the things. I’m standing next to you at the alter, laughing with you uncle because I know all the inside jokes, and ripping up your dance floor because i’m equally as excited to celebrate you two.

Keep going….


We are ready to book you Megan, what’s next??

I would be incredibly honoured to photograph your wedding, so our next step is to get to know each other. Head over to my website Abbotsford wedding photographer go to my contact page, and I have your first questionnaire waiting for you. This tells me a little about your day, and i’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting (this is just our first hello to go over your ideas, budget, and get things all packaged up to get me booked as your photographer)

I cannot wait to meet you both and begin this beautiful journey together!!


“For couples looking for a unique photo experience”

Abbotsford top 3 Rated Wedding Photographers

I’ve had the great honour to be rated one of Abbotsford’s top three wedding photographers, as well as being featured on many wedding publications!

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. 
I support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in intimate photography & Elopements