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Abbotsford wedding photographer

I’m Megan, an Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

I started my journey as a photographer over a decade ago, and quickly fell in love with documenting weddings & elopements. Having the opportunity to give my clients the possibility of re living their wedding day over and over is such a gift. My goal is to photograph your wedding day so that you can transport back in time with every page turned in your wedding album.


I want you to imagine you’re sitting in a room full of people you love, celebrating 50 years of marriage. In your lap is your wedding album (The one I will help you carefully curate) It’s worn and well loved. You open it to the first page, it’s a portrait of you and your partner with much less grey hair.  You chuckle, and page by page you are transported back to that day.  Your parents dancing together, siblings, friends, they’re all there.  An eruption of laughter fills the room and you look up to find your sister reminiscing about her near accident on the dance floor all those years ago. Closing the album you hug it tightly to your chest, it’s your most cherished possession.  And you’re forever grateful for making the choice to invest in your memories.

My approach to your wedding day is simple. By creating a relationship leading up to your wedding day, I attend in a whole different way than just an Abbotsford wedding photographer. I’m your hype girl, family friend, dance partner, adventure buddy, the list goes on!

Why am I different than other Abbotsford Wedding Photographers?

  • I want to get to know you and your story. I want to know the ups and downs, the struggles, the details that have shaped you as a couple.
  • I focus on the story of the day, not just the moments. Of course walking down the Isle is a moment you’ll want photographed. I want to document the people that are leading down that isle, the person you’re walking toward, and the atmosphere in the room.
  • I don’t hide in the shadows. As much as we sometimes need to be a fly on the wall, we also need to be involved in the action. Over the last few years i’ve been able to prioritize when you need to know i’m there, and when you don’t.
  • I’m hella fun. Seriously though, if you’re someone who thinks they’re awkward in photos, I got you! I’m way more awkward, and loud, and it takes all the pressure of you. This lets you just relax and laugh at me, which gives you all those amazing smiley photos.
  • Inclusiveness. My number one goal is to make everyone feel welcome and safe. I welcome everyone, including the LGTBQ community and BIPOC.

Abbotsford top 3 Rated Wedding Photographers

I’ve had the great honour to be rated one of Abbotsford’s top three wedding photographers for the past 2 years. As well as being featured on many wedding publications!

I’m so excited to connect with you and your partner, and start on your journey to hiring me as your Abbotsford wedding photographer!

Let’s connect, head over to my website here

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