say fuck it and book a weekend to travel to a. new place, stay in the coolest fucking Airbnb and experience something unforgettable. Set up your marriage in the best fucking way possible. There are no rules, no barriers, just the two of you expressing your love the way you feel best. 

Vancouver Elopement Photographer

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Not a “wedding photographer”, but rather your photographic storyteller. The girl who is so fucking excited to get to know you both, drinks beers with you, travel with you, and document your entire day in away that makes you both feel like your authentic selves. 

Hey, I'm Megan


We are putting together a once in a lifetime experience, all devoted to celebrating your love. This could be an entire day dedicated to your marriage, or a multi day adventure that takes you to your favourite place in the world. I'm right along side you for this adventure, and we're going to create an experience you will never forget. 

Your first step is to inquire, so we can schedule a free consultation call. 

Working with me starts at $4000 CAD

Travel fees may apply | payment plans available

absolutely I can. Let's get on a zoom call and talk about all your hopes and dreams, then we can start putting some ideas together. 
A great place to start though is choosing a location. 

Can you help us plan our elopement?

My packages don't have a daily time limit necessarily, this would really only happen if you wanted to add on new locations, or extra days to your elopement. 

What if we go over the time we booked?

100000% yes, just make sure you are booking a private space for the weekend. When we plan out the details of the day/weekend, we'll set time aside for some steam.  

Can we get steamy during our elopement?

Whatever feels right to the two of you, i'm going to help you make that happen. We typically plan your day around where the light is going to be. And as long as there aren't any fire bans, we can include some fun elements as well. 

Can we do sunset photos, sparklers, smoke bombs.. All the things!!??

I travel all of Canada, I can even come to you if you plan on eloping in your home base. I do have to take some extra time and care into planning any international travel, but I WOULD LOVE TO if i'm able. 

So basically YES! 

My whole goal is to get to know you two so well that It feels like having a friend along. So yes, I will drink wine or enjoy a meal with you two during our travels and adventures. 

OR hit the dance floor if you're having one! 

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. 
I support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in intimate photography & Elopements