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The Secret Garden Wedding

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” – Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Friends! When I find such an amazing place, you know I just have to share. Nestled between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, with sprawling mountain views filled with greenest greens I have ever seen lies a hidden gem, Secret Garden Wedding Venue. Have you heard of it? Part of Woodbridge Ponds, The Secret Garden Wedding Venue is all the things your fairy tale dreams are made of. 

The Secrete Garden Wedding offers a few things from their location – Retail and Nursery, Ripples Winery and The Secret Garden Wedding Venue. Woodbridge Ponds got their start in the year 2000. Paul and Caroline, owners of Woodbridge Ponds, were introduced to the Water Hyacinth, the most beautiful floating plants from Singapore, and their business bloomed! They opened Echo Nurseries and from there, Woodbridge Ponds was created. Woodbridge Ponds is their retail division, allowing customers to tour their many ponds, view the over 150 varieties of marginal pond plants, waterlilies, and other floating plants, find all your pond supply needs and have a well trained staff member close by in case you have any questions. 

The Secrete Garden Wedding is a family venture onsite producing the most delicious table and dessert wines with their very own crop of blueberries as well as limited varieties of Port. Wines made with pride, in small batches and no additives or pesticides. A truly local and wholesome product. There are so many tasty varieties to sample, you may have to try 1, or 2, or 7……

Finally, The Secret Garden Wedding Venue. You know in Snow White, when she is walking through the forest and birds are chirping, animals are smiling – this is where I went when I was walking around here. You are surrounded by lush tropical plants, ponds and koi fish. The property boasts numerous mature trees offering the utmost privacy. Its truly a site to be seen!

You have two options for your ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies are done in their front lawn, with lots of space for your wedding party and guests. It is very private with rich landscaping. The ceremony site is access by a beautiful small bridge. Indoors, they have a larger greenhouse available for use that doubles as your reception space. Here you see tropical plants, ponds, and beautiful chandeliers. The space has such charm. They even have an antique birdcage you can use for your cake to wow your guests. You have access to a full bar, huge dance floor, and tons of space for catering. There is even an outside space right beside, offering a fire pit and some covered area. 

The Secrete Garden Wedding

Regardless if you are married inside or out, you have full access to all the different greenhouses, the distillery room, and private bridal suite. They also have a great space on the property, this magnificent long stretch of road you can take pictures on. It is very popular for photos and is the stuff that makes my photog heart go pitter patter!

You can find Woodbridge Ponds and the Secret Garden Wedding Venue on Facebook and online. Check them out and drop me a comment what you think!

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