Helping you celebrate your relationship

Naked or not...

You've invested years, months, days, hours into your relationship. Countless phone calls to your friends, gushing over how much you love your partner. They make you laugh, cry, act like a total fool, all in the name of love. Now, after all this time, you're looking to celebrate, re connect, cash in on all that invested time. 

Welcome to the steamy experience, a photoshoot that defies all photoshoots. A few hours to create art together, celebrate your relationship, and reignite the flame. 

Alli + Kurtis


It was the summer of 2021… and I  was exhausted from the big C and was craving creativity. I reached to my best friend and asked if she and her partner would be up for a little backyard photoshoot. A week later I showed up on her doorstep, with beer, a blow up kiddie pool and my camera. They answered the door in matching leopard print outfits, full of nerves, and unsure of what to expect. We ended up spending the entire afternoon drinking, smoking, and laughing so hard our stomach muscles hurt. The next day, she sent me a message explaining how incredible they felt after that shoot. They had been feeling disconnected, and really trying to figure out if their relationship was going to work. To this day, she will send me a message to  thank me for that photoshoot. That in moments of struggle, these  images are their as a reminder that they truly have a special connection.

Much like my leopard clad friends, It's totally normal to feel nervous about getting naked in front of a stranger. 
This process is designed to get you outside of your comfort zone, but i promise that we take things slow, communication is key, and you have the one person you trust more than anything at your side. 

oh, and by the way, I'm Megan!  

I've had the absolute honour of photographing dozens of couples in their birthday suits, and each and everyone of them has the same question. But after their session, they never want to get dressed again. 

Proudly serving The LGBTQ+ Community

Why should you trust me enough
to take your clothes off ?

“Wow, I cannot say enough amazing things about Megan. She shot a steamy couples session for me and my partner, and the photos.... are INSANE. You can tell she put so much hard work into the editing, they are all so beautiful.”

Pauline Holden

“Megan photographed our elopement and was so incredible to work with! She is a kind and patient person, who is also fun and energetic! Us, our friends and family are in awe”

Mark & Daniella

“WOW seeing the photos brought back every beautiful emotion and feeling of love that was there on our wedding day. Megan captured our day so beautifully and in such a magical way that fit our theme and overall feel of the day.”


We wanted to say a big thank you for capturing our vowel renewal you had us feeling all the emotions that we had started to let slip away sadly, after the shoot we definitely have a different perspective on how we want our marriage to be. 

Alivia + Dwayne

I created a video just for them
a little nudge with all the answers they'll need.


I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. I truly support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in west coast intimate weddings & steamy COUPLES sessions.