couples boudoir photography

Sunshine Coast | Steamy Couples Session

couples boudoir photography

We had the most GORGEOUS fall day back in November. The light pouring into Paulines loft was AMAZING.

I took a trip over to the Sunshine Coast for a mentorship session with a photographer Kaylyn, and she introduced me to Pauline and Eldirc. These two are so freaking in love, it blew me away. As always, we sat down together and had a few beers, just chatted about love, life and how they met. Eldric is a coffee expert, who fell totally in love with Pauline and her love of photography. I should say “their” love for photography, and creating in general.

The music was flowing the moment we walked in the door, and after some little pup cuddles, Pauline and Eldric got to snuggling, dancing, drinking, and just enjoying each others company.

steamy session
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steamy couples session

We discovered while chatting that they often spend afternoons listening to music and playing cards. It’s simple, and easy, and relaxing. Just being themselves, and truly being present with each other. And of course kicking each others butts at cards.

We chatted with Pauline and Eldric prior to their session to ask how comfortable they are with shedding their clothing, and they replied excitedly as it’s often how they spend their time together at home.

steamy session

A big part of truly getting steamy, and fully vulnerable with your partner is building trust between clients and myself. Many conversations are had, images are shared, and I always want to make 100% sure my couples are comfortable. Being naked with your partner is a beautiful time where you really can’t hide, you’re fully present and aware of each other, all the lines, bumps and curves. These two embraced their bodies, and each other.

I often use shadows to “cloth” my clients, creating little light boxes around their expressions, to highlight how their hands fit along their partners skin, or how well their bodies fit along side one another. This form of expression is so much more than a physical. It’s an expression of their connection, the bond they have between them.

steamy session
couples boudior
couples boudoir
couples boudoir

Pauline lives in Gibsons B.C. right along the Ocean. We got bundled up and headed down to the beach. Eldric and Pauline spent their first date on this beach, it’s a special spot for them. We brought the music with us, and cuddled up along the shoreline. Embraced the wind, and breathed in the warm salty air.

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Steamy sessions are designed around your unique relationship. The things you love to do together, activities that make you laugh. Music that you vibe with, and locations where you feel the most comfortable.

I CAN’T WAIT to start helping plan an epic adventure for you and your partner. For more info on these sessions head to my website.

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I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. 
I support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

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