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Steamy Sessions | Couples Boudoir Photography


I often get asked what a couples steamy session is! OR it’s often compared to a boudoir session. For the most part, they’re very similar, but there is one big difference. Boudoir sessions often focus on what you’re wearing, and heavily on the “sex”. Steamy sessions, while can be very sexy, have a soul purpose of focusing on you and your partners connection. It’s about how you interact, how your bodies move together, and how you interact with one another.

Your partner tells you their feelings through words, and show’s you through actions, but being able to see how they looks at you, see how their arms wrap around you. To have those images to look back on as a reminder when times are hard. THAT is a big part of why I LOVE steamy sessions.

Steamy sessions also aren’t too serious. I focus on creating a session that makes you both feel like yourselves. If you are awkward, let’s be silly. If your relationship is passionate, let’s create something super romantic. THIS IS ABOUT YOU TWO, i’m just here to help you create, plan and then photograph it all.

You ready to book a steamy session with your partner?

There are a few steps involved in creating a steamy session. The first step is the most important, getting to know you both. I custom plan each session from scratch through a questionnaire that I send out in your initial email. It asks all types of questions from “activities you like to do together” to “how steamy you want to get during your session”. A full steamy session takes you and your partner from fully clothed and casual, to completely naked, free and vulnerable.

BUT this isn’t for everyone, and I NEVER push my couples to do things they aren’t comfortable with. We can still get all types of steamy in whatever way you’re most comfy.

” Wow, I cannot say enough amazing things about Megan. She shot a steamy couples session for me and my partner, and the photos…. are INSANE. I am over the moon with the final images. You can tell she put so much hard work into the editing, they are all so beautiful.”

Pauline Holden
What are the steps involved, and what does our session include?

After you send over an inquiry, you’ll receive an email back from me with all the details, and a questionnaire. The questionnaire helps me get to know you both, so I can begin sending over ideas. The first big decision you’ll have to make is if you’d like to do your session in your own home, or if you want to rent an AirBnB.

Doing your session in home makes it SUPER personal to you both, especially if you’ve just bought the home, or you have many memories in the space. Your home is a big reflection of who you two are. To prep your home for your session is simple. General tidiness, and removing any big clutter you may have. Don’t remove personal items like photos, or decor. But that big pile of paperwork or vitamins next to your bed can be tucked away.

If in your own home isn’t what you’d like, then I’ll send you over links to some fabulous AirBnB’s that suite your style. This also gives you the opportunity to plan a weekend getaway, or a whole day adventure session.

couples boudoir photography
“Where do I start?! Megan is such an amazing human to work with! We did a couples session and to say I was anxious would be an understatement. Megan is professional yet silly with a great laugh. She made me feel at ease instantly.
Thankful for all the moments she captured for us. (They are already all over our walls!)
Thanks again Megan.”

I offer two types of sessions, a 2 hour session, or a FULL day of activities session. Full day sessions start mid morning, and we can do a steamy in home session, or i’ll meet you at your AirBnB. Then we fill the rest of your day, exploring, and doing activities that you love. This could be wine tastings, brewery tours, a hike, road tripping to a cool location. WHATEVER you love to do! I’m here for it!!!

Some ideas to include in your Steamy Session

  • Baking or Cooking
  • Trip to your fav ski hill or spa
  • Music or Dancing
  • Playing music together
  • Bible Study
  • Faith Traditions
  • Movies in Bed
  • Silly Household chores
  • Pillow fight
  • Bubble bath or steamy shower
  • Skinny Dipping
  • Picnic
  • Driving
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry Mat
  • Art of any kind
  • Swimming
  • Kiddy pool in the backyard
  • Wine tours or brewery tours
  • Nerf wars
  • Fort Building
  • Hiking or outdoor adventures
  • 4x4ing

Steamy Sessions | Couples Boudoir Photography

The Day of Your Session

The first 15-20 minutes of your session (sometimes longer) I sit down and chat with you both, get to know you some more, just like a friend coming over for a drink (I bring those too!). This allows us to get relaxed, and slowly transition into your session.

*I don’t typically pick up my camera for the first half an hour

We work through the space, get music going, drinks going (if that is your thing) or whatever you’d like to include during your session. I’m open to any LEGAL drug or Alcohol during your session, I just ask that you be responsible.

And then, after your session, I leave you to whatever activities you’d like…. LOL. I do ask that you refrain from sex during your session. BUT if the emotion takes over you both during your session, I will just step outside and give you the privacy you need. (Disclaimer, I will not photograph any clear sexual act)

I’m BEYOND excited that you’re thinking of booking a steamy session!!! It’s a beautiful creative time that I love so much!!!

To book your session head to my website to send in your inquiry!

I can’t wait to get STEAMY with you two!!!!!!!!!


I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. I truly support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in west coast intimate weddings & steamy COUPLES sessions.