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When you think about the term “destination wedding” we often think of a foreign country like Mexico, France, or anything outside of your home country. But destination weddings don’t have to be far way or even international.

I live just outside of Vancouver Canada, and there are some fabulous spots here in beautiful British Columbia. How and where do you even start?

Tofino Wedding
Chrystal Cove | Tofino B.C.

Destination Wedding

Step 1 – Pick a location that brings you Joy!

Where do you vacation locally? Do you camp, or rent a cabin? Do you love to ski or to be by the ocean! Locations can very from Vancouver Island, a local Airbnb, or a cabin up in Manning Park.

Picking a location doesn’t have to be complicated, just trust your gut and really dive into what is special for you two.

destination wedding

Step 2 – Choose the time of year

Here in BC we get ALL types of weather conditions. So if you’re hoping for a warm beach vibe, summer is your jam. A cozy cabin in the snow, January! Also keeping in mind travelling throughout the seasons. We can experience forest fires, and major snow falls! You could look into options for travel such as a flying, OR a romantic train ride with the Rocky Mountaineer!

Hatley Castle Wedding
Hatley Castle | Victoria BC

Step 3 – Make a list of must haves

You can go on pinterest and search any board to find a list of things you “should” include on your wedding day, but what truly matters to you?

A big part of doing a destination wedding is that you aren’t planning something “traditional” so you can leave out ANYTHING that doesn’t fit the two of you. If florals aren’t important, don’t hold a bouquet. Or maybe only having family there, or JUST FRIENDS. You want to overindulge, just go for it!

Sit down with your partner and envision your day, what does it look like, sound like, smell like?

destination wedding
Estate 248 | Langley BC

Step 4 – Hire people that align with your vision

Meet with vendors 1:1, even if it’s via zoom! While we can help in so many ways, make sure you explain your vision clearly, and set up good boundaries when it comes to things you don’t want or need. Sometimes it can take a few try’s to find the right people for your destination wedding.

But once you do, your vision will come to life!

destination wedding
The Secrete Garden | Abbotsford BC

Step 5 – Accommodations

Destination weddings are often just far enough away from home, that you’ll need a place for you and your guests (if you’re having any) to spend the night.

There are two options! One you can choose a venue that comes with accommodation, like my favourite Fraser River Lodge. Or you can choose a venue that has a hotel near by, or reserve some airbnb’s for your guests.

A full list of venues with accommodations is coming soon!

destination wedding
Yellow dog Brewing | Port Moody BC

Step 6 – Invest in quality

This is a once in a lifetime experience, and baby you want to enjoy every moment of it! Good food, amazing photographer... (wink wink). Because your focusing on the things you two REALLY want, it allows you to invest in higher quality vendors and items to have for your destination wedding.

destination wedding
The Red Barn | Mission BC

Step 7 – Enjoy the process

Planning a destination wedding can be equally as fun and stressful, BUT sticking to your vision, and truly doing what makes you two the most happy will help you have fun with the process.

Have fun and DO ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

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