How it works

Step One

Plan your Session

A HUGE part of your steamy experience is putting together an epic session that is full of the things you love to do. I’m here to help make whatever vision you have come to life, or help create one with you both. 

Step Two

Get Steamy

I promise my camera isn’t pointed at you the moment we begin, sessions are a minimum of two hours, as the process to this experience is slow and intentional. We start out casual with drinks + Snacks (i’ll bring some) and move our way through the vision for your shoot.

Step Three

The Masterpieces

Because we’ve put so much intention into your session, each image will walk you back through your journey. Each session receives a full high resolution gallery, a handful of animated gifs, and access to my shop where you can purchase prints and albums. 

Megan was an absolute JOY to work with! She was not only super professional but one of the most comfortable photographers we’ve ever had! 


She knows what to say to get you laughing and feeling totally comfortable. When we receive our photos, we are always completely in love with every single picture. Megan has great ideas to get not just your typical pictures. 


“WOW seeing the photos brought back every beautiful emotion and feeling of love that was there on our wedding day. Megan captured our day so beautifully and in such a magical way that fit our theme and overall feel of the day.”



Steamy Sessions

Starting at Two Hour sessions, includes complementary drinks and snacks, high resolution digital gallery, and animated gifs. (like the one here)

Vow Renewal

Remember that giddy feeling you had on your wedding day, all the feelings of excitement. Celebrate those again, re commit your vows, and spend the day basking in all that glow.

Starting at $950

Starting at $2500

HECK no, if being naked isn’t your vibe, or you aren’t ready for it, we don’t have to do it! Communication is a big factor, and if at any point during your session you either want to, or don’t want to, we make the change.

Do We Have To Be Nude?

A big reason why steamy sessions are a minimum of two hours is because of the process. It takes time for my couples to get settled, and comfortable, and to really get those photos that truly look and feel like yourselves, it takes time.

Can I book a mini steamy session?

If you’re home is where you feel comfortable, then Heck yes choose this location. But if you aren’t into spending time cleaning prior to your session, or you’d like to pair this with a little get away, then I suggest airbnbs over hotels, there is more privacy.

Do we have to rent a location? Or can we do it in our home?

YES WE CAN, my only suggestion is that we find an outdoor location that is private (if you’re going nude).

Can we shoot outdoors?

I sure do! I have a list of airbnbs all over Canada and into the US. 

Do you have a list of locations, airbnbs you can suggest?

A huge part of the planning process is us meeting ( either on zoom or over drinks ) And we chat about everyone's comfort levels, what the experience is like, and what your fears or concerns are. I find once this is done, both partners are equally excited.

I want to do this, but my partner is nervous, how can I help them?

You don’t have to tell me twice… LOL If that happens, and truthfully it does, I leave you two to continue, and return after. Or we just take a moment to reset.

What happens if we get a little too “Excited” during our session?

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. I truly support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in west coast intimate weddings & steamy COUPLES sessions.