How does a steamy session work?

Step One

I show up at your doorstep... 

typically with beer or coffee and tons of champagne. And only have we've met on zoom, and you've filled out a questionnaire that helps me get to know you both!

You welcome me in with open arms, and we sit and have a drink together, turn on some music, share stories, go through the wardrobe you brought, have another drink, and eventually i unpack my camera. You two cuddle up on the couch, bed, floor wherever, and we begin with casual fully clothed photos.

Step Two

Less is more...

There comes a time during your session where it's time to begin removing some clothing items, this could be a simple as a sweater, or t shirt or getting right down to your undies. This is when you begin to feel more comfortable, like being in your bathing suite.

Step Three

Birthday suites

This is when i look you both in the eye and say it's time... and yes, it's slightly awkward for a few moments, but then something magical happens. You loose all your "give a fucks" and realize it's really not that weird to be naked. Plus your partner is also naked, so you aren't alone. 

This is when you realize you can never wear clothes again....

If you choose too

Ok, but why?

Do you remember when you first started dating? When you couldn't keep your hands off each other, and you got butterflies in your stomach whenever a text message would pop up. Or you would literally drop anything to be together?

Now, what about right now? Do you maybe spend more time with your job, or kids, or on housework? Or maybe intimacy seems a bit more like a chore than it once did. I know, I know, it's not for lack of attraction, or love or anything like that. It's simply because you're two busy humans, who are maybe taking each other for granted, because you trust that person so much, that you know they'll always be there. 

But wouldn't you rather have that spark burning hot again? Re kindle the flame, have some fun, and feel free, even just for the day?

Life is most often a routine - you get up, work, hobbies/errands, home, sleep. It's repetitive and frightfully easy to become distance from your partner without having any awareness of the increasing space. Sex becomes a thing meant for special occasions and kisses become shared in hallways as you pass by. Taking up the opportunity to create some steam, to truly stomp away the square box you've stuck yourselves in, and reconnect on a level that goes beyond the creation and capture of intimacy is what you gifted us with. Our session with you gave us time to fall into each others arms, waists, and legs in a way that reconnected both body and soul. It gave us a moment of wow, we not only admire and love each others bodies, but our own selves. To feel beautiful naked is something that some people work their whole lives on, and you provided that experience with a few hours of reconnection. These steamy sessions are so much more then capturing your wonderful, unique and stunning selves for time immemorial - it reconnects you back to your true selves, both as individuals and as a couple.

Alli + Kurtus

I cannot recommend an intimate session like this with Megan enough.  I know a lot of Husbands get uncomfortable with the idea of a "steamy" session but I promise you, it's SO fun and the memories you are left with are worth every nervous feeling you have.  You couldn't pick a better person to capture these memories for you.  Even my Husband said it was fun afterwards and he was so happy we did it.

We loved it so much that we already booked another one!

Thank you Megan for the memories.  You are doing something truly magical with your talent.  Reigniting old love, creating beautiful moments and memories, and capturing authentic love on camera.   You're the best!

Stacey + Brett

The only word that really sums it up is empowered. We felt hot, we felt safe, we felt seen, we felt our connection was being cheered on and viewed with such genuine care that we were able to let go and at times forget a camera was on us at all. I learnt there is more to our love then just how I look/feel in this relationship. I was able to let myself be in the moment with the person I love and could almost see myself through their eyes. We truly can’t say enough about how safe, comfortable and supported we felt by you. We knew that you had our best interested and our comfortability in mind.

ASh + Amii


let's do this!

Session Fee $575

Payment plans are available at no additional cost. 
package choice is required at time of booking. Packages range from $1100-$3999. Average investment is $2000
All packages are in CAD currency. 

2 + hour session
Planning + Creative Direction
Viewing session 
Animated Gifs + Polaroids

This session fee DOES NOT include ANY images.

Packages range from 20 images to the full gallery. Payment plans are available, all image packages must be paid in full prior to receive photos. 

Images Packages start at $1100

HECK no, if being naked isn’t your vibe, or you aren’t ready for it, we don’t have to do it! Communication is a big factor, and if at any point during your session you either want to, or don’t want to, we make the change.

Do We Have To Be Nude?

A big reason why steamy sessions are a minimum of two hours is because of the process. It takes time for my couples to get settled, and comfortable, and to really get those photos that truly look and feel like yourselves, it takes time.

Can I book a mini steamy session?

If you’re home is where you feel comfortable, then Heck yes choose this location. But if you aren’t into spending time cleaning prior to your session, or you’d like to pair this with a little get away, then I suggest airbnbs over hotels, there is more privacy.

Do we have to rent a location? Or can we do it in our home?

YES WE CAN, my only suggestion is that we find an outdoor location that is private (if you’re going nude).

Can we shoot outdoors?

I sure do! I have a list of airbnbs all over Canada and into the US. 

Do you have a list of locations, airbnbs you can suggest?

A huge part of the planning process is us meeting ( either on zoom or over drinks ) And we chat about everyone's comfort levels, what the experience is like, and what your fears or concerns are. I find once this is done, both partners are equally excited.

I want to do this, but my partner is nervous, how can I help them?

You don’t have to tell me twice… LOL If that happens, and truthfully it does, I leave you two to continue, and return after. Or we just take a moment to reset.

What happens if we get a little too “Excited” during our session?

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. I truly support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in west coast intimate weddings & steamy COUPLES sessions.