Celebrate with this Okanagen Backyard Wedding

Last summer, these two beautiful human being tied the knot right on the Lake. This Okanagen backyard wedding was hosted on Kelseys family property, that sits right on the lake, and made for a perfect wedding venue. They put up a big party tent, set up bar stations, and created a fabulous reception space for dancing all night long, and thats totally what they did! Guests brought their own drinks, and we ended up with a sea of coolers.

The property these two got married on is special to them. They spend a lot of winters AND summers out at the family cabin, and it really made the perfect spot to say I do.

Okanagen Weddings

We laughed, got rained on, drank, danced our buts off, Scott got a blow up unicorn as a wedding gift, and somehow I ended up in the back of a tractor to take epic dance floor photos! We even jumped into the bushes on the side of the road, got eaten by bugs, but got the most perfect shots to end their formals.

I’m so happy to have been a part of these two’s big day, I truly had an amazing time, and i’m really looking forward to travelling bit more once we can <3

I spend a lot of time myself up in this area, and the Caribou is a stunning place with endless possibilities for weddings.

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Okanagen Weddings

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