Getting Married during a Pandemic / Fraser Valley Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Well, this Virus sure has messed up everyones wedding plans for 2020. After Dr. Bonnie Henry’s announcement, they don’t plan on lifting the ban on large events, including weddings, for the remainder of 2020, we now have to be a little more creative. But hey, creativity is my jam you guys! New challenge accepted, after many bottles of wine and a weeks worth of #netflix binging of course.

Look, as frustrating as this situation is, we can totally make this work. Think about how crazy the stories will be when you’re telling your grandchildren. “Your grandfather and I got married during a global pandemic”.

It really takes me back to my grandparents wedding day, a story I loved hearing all the time! Ever heard of a little thing called World War2?

My grandparents met during the war, at a dance, we think! They fell in love, fought in a war, and not long after it ended, decided to get married. They had NOTHING, Zero money, and much like right now, food was rationed, and a lot of things weren’t available. Her sister also was to be married, and to make it happen, they agreed to do a double wedding! My great grandmother gathered whatever food they could get, and along with the neighbours created a mix mash buffet to serve their small group of guests. They lived in a tiny apartment, and had their pasture come to marry them. They invited guests that only included their close family and neighbours. Home made cake, homemade dresses, and a joint honeymoon suite, it all came together to create a beautiful wedding day. They loved each other, and they were getting married no matter what it looked like.

I got to hear this story a lot, and as simple as it was, they treasured that day, and celebrated it bigger and bigger as years went on. Just before my grandfather passed away, we threw the largest party they’d ever seen, and invited guests from all over. 50 years after they got married, they finally had the reception they always wanted.

You may not have to wait 50 years before you have a reception, but simplifying your plans so you can still marry the love of your life is our reality this year.

What does simplify your wedding day look like? Well you need the two of you, someone to legally marry you, and two witnesses. Having a photographer and/or videographer will allow you to share your day with still images as well as video. We could also totally be your witnesses btw! Your florist will be able to deliver your flowers, and your planner can still help you get everything organized. You could wear your dress, or put something fun together from your closet. Or have friends lend you items by leaving them on your door step! There are tons of options and they’ll all be unique to your and your day! Even jewellers are doing delivery if you haven’t picked out your bands yet. Order from your favourite restaurant, and ask your baker if they could make you a small cake to share.

Also, with the tech we have now, you can even include your entire guest list! Live streaming your ceremony over facebook, instagram, or other platforms gives your guest front row seats to the main event! Apps like zoom have record options as well, so your guests can relive the moment over and over.

Other options? Your guests could line the street in their cars! You could have a parade, they could skip the dishes you champagne, or send cards in the mail.

Like I said, our grandparents got married with very little, and had long happy marriages. This is your special day, no matter what it looks like <3

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. 
I support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

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