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Your hands are tightly grasping your partners, you’re listening to the words they’re expressing. The love they have for you, the emotion, the feeling, the trust. A smile tugs at your lips, this is the happiest moment in your life. You kiss, and celebrate becoming partners for life.

This moment is beautiful, intimate and all yours

Eloping is a beautiful experience, it’s only about you and your relationship, your struggles, fears, successes, wins, and battles. All the things that make up each piece of your love story, These are celebrated in the most intimate way.

BC elopement Packages

A few reasons you may want to plan an elopement

#1 Big weddings aren’t your thing! Throwing a giant party isn’t everyones idea of celebrating their love story. Opting for a smaller wedding may just fit into your style more than a huge celebration.

#2 Budget. You may not have $50,000 to spend on a wedding. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a budget when planning a wedding. Opting for an elopement still gives you all those same experiences, just on a smaller level.

#3 A worldwide pandemic. YUP, sometimes this happens. Currently in British Columbia we aren’t able to have weddings larger than 10 people. This is where an elopement can be a fabulous option.

#4 Location. You may have a dream location that will only host a handful of people, or you’d like to jet off and have your ceremony on a beach far far away. Elopements can be customized to wherever you’d like to say I do.

What is the fist step for a BC elopement Package?

Find your location. This should be your very first step in planning. Pick a location that is special to the two of you. Or a spot that you’ve dreamed of visiting. Do you research on accessibility, you may have to book special transportation to get there!

Your location could be ANYWHERE. A small local beach, high up in the mountains, or even your own living room. Just remember to look into permits if you’re opting for a public location.

Next up?

Picking your team! This is when you’re going to choose your vendors. Similar to planning a big wedding, you’ll make a list of all the things you’d like to have at your wedding. They could include

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Videographer



Decor ( Arches, etc)




Basically all the same things as a large wedding, but on a smaller scale. A lot of vendors offer packages as well. I offer a photography and floral package (here). These are intended to help making your planner simpler, one less thing to book!

With the basics covered, you can now add in those little extra things.

Rather than sending invitations, you could send out little announcement cards! Encouraging your friends to celibate with you, just in their own way. Or if you’v opted to live stream your ceremony, it could have all the details on how to tune in.

Especially if you’re planning an elopement as a back up plan to a larger wedding (worldwide pandemic) you’ll still want to go through all those motions!

Send desert boxes to some of your guests, or little wedding favours. Set up a zoom call for champagne after, things like that!

Eloping might be one of the most romantic things a couple can do, but it can be as public or private as you’d like it to be.

Your choice to get married is based on the two of you, just remember that when you’re planning your wedding.

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