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A + S – Pitt Lake Steamy Couples Session


Where do I even begin….

Pitt lake is located in Pitt Meadows B.C and it’s a very popular spot for photographers and their clients. It’s spot i’ve always had in the back of my mind for some steamy action. When I first spoke with these two, I had suggested this location, and Ashley’s eyes lit up! She began to explain to me that they walk their dog here almost every day. That this location was so special to them.

I did a little dance for joy because now it felt right.

We arrived a little before sunset, and in true Pitt Lake fashion, it was packed.. not ideal for getting naked…

So we sat down out in the field, cracked a few drinks and just chatted for a while. I photographed them simply hanging out, and we eventually moved into undies ( them not me … ) and waited for the last few people to leave. Dusk had set in by this time, and with the last of the public gone, these two took a deep breath, joined hands and tossed it all away.

They ran around, giggled and truly put themselves outside of their comfort zone. They created the most beautiful works of art. I’ve included a few images from their shoot, but if you’d like to see their entire gallery ( they’ve given me full permission to share) you can head over to my patreon, fan members have full access to all my approved to share steamy galleries.

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Pitt lake Steamy Session

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