My top 5 Engagement Session Locations in Vancouver

I get asked for location recommendations often, and my first piece of advice is to choose a location that is special to the two of you. It could be where you first met, had a memorable date, or a place you just love to visit!

If you’re still stumped, or you want to explore somewhere new, I have a few locations that I love to use!

#1 – Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears offers a wide variety of spots to have your session. The day beach area has sweeping beach views, and it’s not a big hike, the parking lot is right by the beach. It also has a heavy tree line that makes for beautiful images!

#2 – Pitt Lake B.C.

Pitt Meadows has this amazing mountain range surrounding the city. If you take some back roods towards Pitt Lake, you’ll find this gorgeous spot on tucked way on the side of the road. As well as this long stretch of road way with the most amazing leading lines into the mountain range.

One downside to this location is that it’s VERY popular, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your session.

#3 Whytcliff Park

This gem of a spot offers gorgeous views and beach to explore on. It’s a bit of a drive, but exploring this location is super fun! Plus, sometimes the ferry pops in and photobombs your session.

#4 Blackie Spit Beach | White Rock

If you love the beach, then this is your spot! There is tons of beach to play on, and the sunsets here are absolutely amazing. Plus, you could go grab ice cream, or have a picnic too.

#5 Vedder River | Chilliwack B.C.

The Vedder river A Hidden gem in the Fraser Valley. It has so many trails, and access points, as well as this gorgeous train bridge. It cools you down during those summer sessions too!

There are so many other fabulous locations to have your engagement session at in the Vancouver Area! If non of these fit your vision, reach out and we can plan something special.

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