What to wear? The perfect photoshoot outfit.

Booking your engagement sessions is so freaking exciting! You’ve basically scheduled a professionally documented date night, so lets get you dressed and ready to go! There are so many options, it can be really overwhelming. So I have a few key notes to narrow down your choices.

#1 – NO LOGOS – Seriously, leave your nike pull over at home, and wear something that compliments you, and doesn’t make it look like your engagement session was sponsored. Logos can be extremely distracting in images, and unless this particular garment is special to you and your relationship, opt for something more neutral.

#2 – FOLLOW THE SEASON – In beautiful British Columbia, we are blessed with well defined seasons. Warm summers call for flow gowns, and loose cotton shirts. Brisk Fall brings in warm sweaters and dark jeans. Cold Winter wants us to bundle up in cute jackets, and wool scarves. Spring is a wild card, but you get to pick from all the others seasons. Outdoor shoots come with weather conditions, so making sure you’re sticking to keep warming, or staying cool is really important.

#3 – BE COMFORTABLE – While wearing a gorgeous gown doesn’t have to be savoured for your wedding day, opting for something more casual is recommend for engagement shoots. To be far, it’s all in your vibe, but as long as your comfortable, and can move around with your partner, thats all that matters!

#4 – AVOID TO MANY COLOURS – Pick and choose some subtle colour options, and make sure they coordinate with your partners. Maybe go shopping together! I don’t recommend that you match each other, unless it’s a quirky thing your going for.

#pinterest is also a great tool to help you put together a look for your engagement session. Having your hair and make up done also helps elevate some of the stress of prepping, and could be used for your trial wedding day look!

Just remember to relax and have fun.

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. 
I support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

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