disco couples session

“A Night to Remember: A Spectacular Disco-Themed Couples Photoshoot at The Oak Suite”

Another planned out steamy couples photoshoot in The Oak Suite! Picture this: You step into a world where the glitz of disco collides with the sophistication of James Bond. I’ve included a moad board, and this shoot is perfect if you and your partner are into the James bond, glam style!

disco couples photoshoot

To kick off your session, pop the cork on your own personalized champagne tower. Bubbles overflowing, mirroring the effervescent joy. Laughter and the clinking of glasses blended seamlessly with the disco beats, creating a symphony of celebration that marked the beginning of your unforgettable evening. Dancing around the kitchen, stolen kisses, and letting all the rules go to the wayside.

Transitioning to the next phase of the photoshoot, you’ll change into all-white lingerie and underwear, embracing the sensual allure of the disco era. The room transformed into a haven of soft, colorful lights, casting a warm and intimate glow on your bodies. Wrapped in each other’s arms, reveled in the cozy setting, with me, your photographer skillfully captured stolen glances and tender kisses.

The bedroom in The Oak Suite, is full of natural light, but with all the disco balls, glitter backdrops, Doing some flash photography would be so much fun! Just less clothes….

I would end this session in the dark, allowing the moonlight to pour in through the windows. Cuddled under white sheets, and moving the bed to the door way to really bask in the night. Reflections off the disco balls onto your bodies. It would create the most magical ART.

Is the disco party a theme that may fit you and your partner? Head over to my website for more details on how to book. OR head back over to my blog for other steamy photoshoot ideas.



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