Photographers should be fun!!!

As your fraser valley wedding photographer I am here to make sure you not only have beautiful and memorable images, but that you have so much fun doing it! This is about your story, your celebration, and you want to make sure it’s photographed in a way that makes you both feel like yourselves.

Megan... so much fun!

How it works

Step One

Make sure we vibe & get on my calendar.

You’re spending the entire day with me… YUP, the entire day. Make sure my images, my style and my personality fit your vibe. If yes, then send me over an inquiry (below) and get onto my calendar. I book sometimes a year in advance!

Step Two

Planning + Getting to know each other

I promise I'm about to be your new bff. After you’ve booked, I'm yours to bounce ideas off of, help plan if need be, and truly be here as your new wedding wingwoman. I’ll be sending you email updates, ideas, and likely dming you funny animal videos.

Step Three

Your wedding day

Because we’re bff’s now, your wedding day is going to feel like an old friend, who just happens to be a wicked photographer is there with you! I get to know your family, friends, and by the end of the evening you know I'll be busting out dance moves.

Step Four

I’m never leaving you

Clearly by now, I’m with you for life. But seriously, even after your gallery is delivered, albums are ordered, and all the little touches are complete, my hope is to continue our friendship throughout your journey together. I truly love and appreciate you both.



You’ve gathered the most important people in your lives to witness your vows and celebrate along side of you both. 


Your focus is on you two, and what is most important. A day to celebrate your relationship and connection, just you two. An epic adventure. 

Packages starting at $3500

Packages starting at $2500

Yes I absolutely can! I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of many wedding days, and I can recommend some of the things i’ve learned and apply them to your timeline.

Can you help put together a timeline?

No worries, we can chat briefly during your day if things are behind, or you’d like me to stay. I’ll touch base with you after your wedding day to go over any additional time that should be billed. 

What if we go over the time we booked?

I mean… YESSSSS… but also, i want to make sure your gallery is BOMB, so as much as i’ll have a cocktail, or even a shot during the day, i’ll likely be keeping pretyt sobar. But rest assured, i’ll be hitting the dance floor for a few spins!

Will you drink and party with us?

I like to think of this part of your day as all of the planning coming together. It’s often the most calm part of your day, and when you’ll have some of the most important people by your side. It is a big part of telling your story, and I highly recommend having me there for a small portion of it. 

I don’t know If we should book you while we're getting ready or not?

You absolutely can, I recommend picking one or two of these, and making sure you’ve set time aside, and prepared for it.

Can we do sunset photos, sparklers, smoke bombs.. All the things!!??

Yes, In my Alternative wedding guide, a free download, it talks about ways to either inform your people you’ve eloped, or how to include people when they aren’t invited.

We’re eloping, or having only a few people at our wedding, can you help us tell the people who aren’t coming?

You don’t have to tell me twice… LOL If that happens, and truthfully it does, I leave you two to continue, and return after. Or we just take a moment to reset.

What happens if we get a little too “Excited” during our session?

I believe everyone deserves to be free and comfortable to be themselves unapologetically. I truly support all types of love, genders and colors. This is a safe and open place to create.

Specializing in west coast intimate weddings & steamy COUPLES sessions.