Wedding day Steamy Session – The best way to slow down your wedding day

If you’ve been married yourself, or maybe you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you’ll know how crazy your wedding day can ( or will ) be. In fact i’ve had almost every couple come to me after their wedding day and say, they wish that the could have eloped, because they love the idea of having a slow, intentional day, with zero stress and rushing.

I’m a HUGE advocate of eloping for this exact reason. There is not timeline, no rush, no reason to do ANYTHING you don’t want to. In fact the opposite. You get to enjoy each and every “un planned” moment because it’s just the two of you.

And yes, you can still get those epic photos of you two partying, exploring, connecting, All the things!

All that being said, i know eloping isn’t in the cards for everyone, including you.

So, how do you get those same vibes when you’re planning an event wedding? I have a few suggestions that will help you have those slow moments where you can breath and simply enjoy each others company.

1 – Do a first look. I know these are controversial, but i promise you, they are the most special moments i’ve ever photographed in my entire career. It’s a moment where time really stops, and you can enjoy one another before you have to share it with your friends and family. This is a time to share personal vows, have a drink, just sit and enjoy each others company. If you can squeeze at least half an hour to an hour for this. You’ll thank me later.

2 – Spend the night together before your wedding. Just do this, please. Order in a nice dinner, and do your favourite things. Maybe even rent a space for just you two. You can then wake up in the morning, have a nice coffee and soak in all the feels of your wedding day before you head off to get ready.

3 – Get ready together. I have photographed some AMAZING getting ready moments for my couples. Because they chose to spend that time together. I really feel this act of service is such a beautiful gesture for one another.

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4 – Schedule a steamy session the morning of your wedding. Combine all those 3 first tips, and have your photographer come early. Create these memories, and truly connect on such an intimate way. Going into your new marriage on such a connected high.

Here is an example of what your timeline could look like if you did all 4 of these options.

Night before wedding

Head to your airbnb with food + drinks, your wedding attire, and anything you’ll need for the next day.

Wedding Day

8:00AM Photographer start time – Steamy Session

10:00AM Hair and make up start time (photographer leaves)

1:00PM First look & Lunch together (you could also do this not in your wedding outfits and save the first look for later)

2:00PM meet back with wedding party (if you have one)

2:30PM Photos with you two, or your wedding party (again, if you have one)

3:30PM Photos with Parents, and other family members

4:30PM Wedding Ceremony

5:30PM Cocktail Hour

6:30PM Dinner + Reception

9:00PM Sunset Evening photos (just you two)

10:00PM Photographer leaves

Now, this is a 12 hour day for your photographer, and i’m going to break this down

One, after your steamy session is done, your photographer leaves until you meet back with your wedding party so you’re photo package would be my 8 hour package, and I wave the steamy session fee, and give you 25% off the steamy image packages.

If you chose to do your steamy session the next day, this same package still applies.

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