Vancouver Date Night

When was the last time you and your love went out on a real date?

Imagine you’re staring out the window of this tiny little cabin you’ve rented for the night, the sun is setting, a warm drink in your hands. You feel a tight embrace engulf you while the slightest pressure of someone’s lips meets your neck. You’ve got the tunes filling the room and you’re in a state of bliss. This is the moment you want to hit ‘pause’.

I invite you to make note of the view, the sounds, every smell — take it all in, deep breaths. For the rest of the night, we’re going to do ALL of your favourite things. From dancing to singing, drinking or playing a board game — I’m here for it all. You, the moments, the memories, the magic.

Vancouver Date Night

A couple holding hands in downtown Vancouver

So what exactly is a Vancouver date night session?

It’s more than a photoshoot, but it’s not fully a couple’s workshop… It’s something in-between. These Date-Night sessions are fun-romantic activities that any couple can do, any time and anywhere:

  • To prepare for a marriage proposal
  • Celebrate your engagement
  • As a wedding anniversary activity
  • A gift for the holidays (i.e. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a romantic Birthday present)
  • A getaway for mom and dad (keep the kiddos home)
  • Any other time you want to express appreciation for the one you love.
  • Or simply just because!

These sessions are intentionally designed to create time together — for just the two of you, where you will share memories, express unsaid (or rarely said) appreciations and spend quality time reflecting on the positive, goofy and all facets of your unique relationship.

Vancouver Date Night

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How do we book our Vancouver date night?

I have a contact form on my website that you can submit. It asks a few questions to make sure we’re a good fit! Once we agree that we are, I will send over a more in-depth questionnaire that gives me insight into what you are looking for and who you are — this will include info such as your love language, favourite drink, hobbies, how you met, the ups and downs of your relationship and other ‘get to know you’ questions.

From there I can help you pick the right place to stay, and once your Airbnb is booked, we will plan our session! I try to suggest something outside of your regular city and somewhere private, cozy and unique.

How does the session work?

I want the focus to be on the two of you, so I’m a tiny part of your trip! Your session with me is roughly two-hours, and I like to schedule it in the middle of your stay, so typically, we plan to meet on the second day. You arrive when you are ready (within the agreed booking window), and then you have the rest of the evening to hang out with your sweetie! You are more than welcome to schedule any other activities into your day after were confirm your session time.

Alternatively, if you’re most comfortable in your home I am more than happy to come there. This is about you and your relationship so I want this to feel as genuine and as ‘you’ as it can.

I also like to give a task prior to our session where I ask you to write down a message to your partner. This can be anything from a voice memo to a letter that you read out loud right before we begin. This isn’t photographed usually as I am just observing the interactions taking place. This helps me see your bond and allows you as a couple to reconnect prior to getting started.

What do we do during our session?

The questionnaire helps me get to know you both better; that way, I can curate a session that makes sense for the two of you. This is a safe place to freely express yourself with your partner.

Your session can be casual and fun, like cuddling on the couch, jumping on the bed, pillow fights etc. You can also get more intimate and cozy up in the shower together, or model your favourite lingerie. I’m an open book, and your sessions will be 100% confidential if you so choose. Remember, this is about me capturing — YOU and your loved one!

Vancouver Date Night

A couple having a pillow fight

Vancouver Date Night

Husband and Wife cuddling

Real Connections

Every time you open your gallery or flip the pages of your album, I want you to relive all these moments for a lifetime and more. When things are tough, sit down together and return to that day and that moment. This is what I’m here for… to help you capture these moments with your loved one.

Over time our bodies change, we change… I want you to remember how your body looks and feels right now. By capturing these moments as you are, the slight movements, those quick cheeky glances, the smell, all will hold true in your memory. And in the next year, or 10-20 down the road when you’re likely going to look different again, you’ll look at these images in a completely different way. Raw and real memories captured in a moment’s time.

Now, are you ready to book your own Vancouver date night session? Hit me up!

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