You've just arrived at a place you've never been to before. Your hand, intertwined with your partners, and with a big deep breath, a fresh floral scent fills your nose. Glancing away from your partner, you notice rolling hills, old wood fences and a group of small goats in the distance. It's pure heaven. Music fills your ears; it's coming from a cute tiny camper. 

A young woman (that's me) approaches you, handing you each a glass of champagne. She smiles and walks you through the process of your time together. It's full of laughter, silliness, and pure joy. You forget any nerves you may have had; she encourages you to focus on each other by touching and speaking.

Private Photo Session with Vintage Camper 
60 + Image Gallery
Highlight Video
Champagne + Treats
Collection of Polaroid Candids

$350 plus GST


You both share a new experience, laugh so hard your stomach hurts, and you leave with this renewed feeling of love and appreciation for your partner. A magical experience you didn't know you needed.

Let's celebrate Valentine's Day in a whole new way; investing time with your partner. 

Picture This

An Experience, like no other