Steamy Elopement | Outdoor bathtub | Sage and Solace Farm

Their Story

Dwayne and Alivia met through tinder 7 years ago! Alivia was going through some personal issues, and they realized the timing wasn’t right, said goodbye. Shortly after Dwayne moved to Australia, and after not seeing each other for close to two years, Alivia ended up moving to Dwaynes hometown with out even realizing it. Shortly after that, Dwayne moved home as well, and they reconnected. Now they’re married and have a beautiful little girl!

The Session

When I first starting planning their vow renewal, Alivia had mentioned that their wedding didn’t go as they had planned, it was rushed (covid) and they didn’t love their photos. Alivia had also lost some weight since their wedding, and was super excited to have updated photos as well!

We chose Sage and Solace farm in Langley, and they booked this gorgeous little bathtub nestled along the pond, to have little dip in after their ceremony. They booked their airbnb on the farm, had a little steamy session, said their vows, and snuggled up in this tub to drink wine and laugh the night away.

I had SO MUCH fun with these two, and i was totally honoured to re create some wedding images for them!

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Sage & Solace Farm | Langley Wedding Venue


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