Printing your Photos, the do’s and dont’s

Hiring a photographer is much more than having images to post to your social media. You want to print those bad boys out and hang them up around your home! Would this not looking amazing blown up and displayed?

We often times go through the gallery, post a few to our #facebook and/or #instagram, and then they just get stored in a file folder on your desktop, until the next year when you decide to update your family photos again. But we spend a good chunk of money hiring pros to take our photos, why oh why don’t ya’ll print them and enjoy them all the time?

My first answer is always,

I don’t know where or how to print them……

So I’m here to walk you through a simple and easy way to enjoy your images not just on your digital wall.

#1 – You received your gallery! Now what?

As your photographer I always include a link in your gallery to an online store where you can purchase your prints and have them shipped direct to your door. Not all photographers do this, but it’s something I highly recommend because it’s as simple as clicking the image you like, selecting the size, and adding it to your cart. Once your done you finish your order, pay online and 2 weeks later they shop up on your doorstep. Simple Right? If your photographer doesn’t offer this, don’t stress, online ordering is still the simplest way to have your images printed. My go to places for clients to order their prints online are or both these websites allow you to upload your images from the folder you’ve saved them to on your computer, and have them shipped to you, or you can pick up at one of their locations. I personally love ordering prints from their deep matte print paper is so luxurious. They however don’t accept orders from the general public, so you would have to order them through professional photographers like myself.

#2 – What sizes should I order?

My biggest piece of advice when sorting out what size to order is to go shopping for frames first. Find the spots in your house you’d like to fill up, an spend some time decided how many images you’d like, and how much space you have. Once you have the frames, it becomes much easier to fill them, then the other way around. Framing prints behind glass will help keep the images safe and in great condition for a lifetime. Average frame sizes are usually 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10, but I love to order prints that are 5×7 and 11×12 because they tent to keep the full image size, where 4×6 and 8×10 will need some cropping to print properly.

#3 – How do I hang my Images on the wall?

Ok so heres the truth, I can totally take all those amazing photographs for you, help you get them printed and delivered right to your door, but you’re going to have to find your most handiest friend, buy them beer, and get some help putting those up!

So remember, in 50 years, the .jpg might end up like the bata tape. What’s a bata tape you ask? Exactly my point. Prints last forever, albums get passed down through the family and are cherished heirlooms. A digital File can’t be shared any other way than online 🙂

If you’d like to order prints or products through me please visit to browse available items. Email me via with your files, and I will set you up with your own little print store to order from.

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