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I came across this Chilliwack wedding venue last year, and it quickly became a bucket list venue to shoot at. Its unique concept, and beautiful surroundings offer so many photo opportunities, the list is 20 pages long. If you aren’t familiar with Chilliwack, you’ll have to take a drive one day and check it out. Chilliwack is surrounded by glorious mountain ranges, the Fraser River, and farms and fields as far as the eye can see. This little white chapel is nestled right in the middle of it it. Built in 1886, it spent many years hosting church communions and events, changing hands a few times and finally landing in the arms of Mark and Elizabeth, who have now been the proud owners for almost 15 years. They bought it with the idea of creating a unique wedding venue. And that they did, after touring through the facility, it’s pretty obvious how unique and cozy this wedding venue is.

The space can host up to 100 people, and has full services from your ceremony, photos and into your reception. I really like wedding venues that host everything, no transportation needed. Theres a bridal suite, lots of space for guests to dance and their even getting goats! Farm animals on your wedding day is a trend I am so behind on!

The owners of little white chapel weddings are super sweet, and they used to shoot weddings all over the world! I love their creative vision for this property, you can see how much they love the wedding industry. Heck much like myself, once you’re submersed in weddings, it’s a passion that never dies.

The venue has gorgeous spots for all your wedding photographs, an old wood swing, and old wood doors that make fabulous backdrops. Or head towards the Vedder river, or other great chilliwack spots.

Venue | Little White Chapel Weddings

As a Vancouver Wedding Photographer , I love sharing this venue!



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