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Kayla + Jon | Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Kayla & Jon celebrated their wedding day on likely one of the most beautiful fall days in 2021!

This Abbotsford Wedding truly embodied the two of them. They kept it super simple, and just had a handful of friends and their closest family in attendance.

They had their ceremony at Hatzic Meadows located in The Fraser Valley! It’s a fabulous venue with lush trees, and a BEAUTIFUL field in the back that we hit up for all their portraits.

Kayla spent the morning with her mum getting ready. These two share such a special bond, and i’m so grateful that I got to witness it. Along with her Mums best friend, they hung out, got their hair done and just kept their morning slow and calm.

They had a beautiful ceremony, which included a blessing from Jon’s parents, as well as a lucky stone that was passed around to each guest to hold and put all their energy into. I thought this was such a special thing for everyone to do.

Jon’s parents hosted all the guests in their backyard under a big white tent, with AMAZING food and a self serve bar. A full DJ set up got them dancing the night away ( because we were outdoors we could! ).

Here are a handful of images from this special day.

abbotsford wedding photographer

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