How to prepare for you wedding photographer

How many hours have you spent preparing and planning your wedding day so far? You have the binder, it tells you what you need to do. You have #pinterest downloaded on your mobile phone and saved to your bookmarks. You follow all the wedding groups, and you feel totally prepared. And you may totally be, but let’s make sure! As a wedding photographer I go into every wedding day hoping for a handful of things to happen, and/or be available to me to make sure your day is captured exactly how you want it to be. We always cover the basics, but it’s those in between moments, or details that often get left out. It could simply be a budget thing, but it’s likely something you just never thought about. This post is all about helping you find those missing details that help your photographer create and capture everything you always wanted on your wedding day.

#1 – Timeline

– Possibly the most important item on your wedding to do list, is create a time line. I love sitting down with my clients and helping them put a timeline together that really benefits me. I say that because in the long run, it really benefits the client. It allows me to capture as much as possible. The flow of you day will dictate all the images you will receive after it’s all said and done. Things like how long you’ll need between each step, where will you go for photos, how your reception timeline allows for sunset photos. I’ve attached a timeline worksheet below.

#2 The Details

We often forget how many small details go into planning a wedding. A big part of my job as a wedding photographer is to use all those details to put together a stunning gallery for you to remember your day. I suggest you get a box together a few days before the wedding and collect any detail items that you may want photographed along with some others. I always love photographing the gown, along with shoes and bridal party gowns. But adding some more items, as listed below can help creative fun images.

Going a step further, you can customize these items, or have fun additions like matching robes, or pj’s. Ordering customized flasks for the guys, or insulated tumbles for the girls. All these items should be included in your images. I’ve listed some of my favourites below, and where to get them!

Customized cups and/or anything –

Upgraded Ring Box –

Wire Custom Hangers –

Hand Lettered Hangers and/or Vow Books –

Engraved Flasks –

Bridal Robes –

#3 Stay Organized and be Realistic

When you sit down and put together your timeline, make sure you have people involved helping you stay on track, and make sure everything is organized and set up the way you want it to be. Hire transportation if you can, have a wedding planner or set up crew handle your reception decor, and have a friend of family member handle all the incoming final details so you can just relax.

Be realistic, your day may not go exactly how you’d like it to, or maybe you’ve chosen to many Pinterest photos. Trust that all your planning with get you back on track, and your photographer will do their best to give you photos you will love.

#4 Have Fun!

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, enjoy it, laugh along with it, and just have fun. A marriage is about two weirdos who decided to stick together for life, so make sure your wedding day reflects that.

Make sure your vendors also reflect that, hire people that jive with both of you, because for me as your photographer, we spend almost the entire day together!

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