Steamy Elopement

Harrison Hot Springs Wedding | Stacey + Brett Steamy Elopement

Steamy Elopement


This past winter (even though you can’t tell by the photos) Stacey & Brett renewed their vows lake side in Harrison Hot Springs B.C. Stacey reached out to me and inquired about a steamy session, and we got to chatting about her relationship, and that they were about to celebrate an anniversary! I suggested possibly renewing their vows, and we created this beautiful steamy vow renewal.

We chose this beautiful waterfront airbnb called Royal Harrison Retreat. They have a dock right on the lake, hot tub, and ALL THE WINDOWS! The light is beautiful, and there are so many bedrooms available, you could totally have your whole family or a group of friends stay here.

**The airbnb is super closer to downtown Harrison Hot Springs, that you could easily find other accommodations, if you chose to do a larger Harrison hot springs wedding here. **

These two woke up at their airbnb and had coffee, and breakfast, and enjoyed the silence of the space. It’s so peaceful here, and Stacey and Brett have two young boys, so it’s not often quiet. I arrived mid morning, they were still in their little bubble, so I cozied up on the couch in their suite, and we chatted for a little while. I got to learn about how they met, their first date, and all the ups and downs of their journey together. I LOVE starting sessions off with these casual chats, it really allows me to get to know my couples even more, and this gives them time to get to know me, and become comfortable with me being in the room with them.

This part of steamy elopements are my absolute fav, it’s slow and casual, and truly special. It’s the time when you can let go, enjoy the connection with you partner, and just enjoy your time together. It’s super special, and these photos truly touch my heart. They got ready together, popped champagne together and just simply had fun. After some cozy intimate photos, Stacey and Brett got ready for their ceremony. It was such a cool experience to see them help one another get ready, the touches, and the quick snuggles. Beautiful.

They chose to renew their vows on the dock lakeside, and the sun peaked out and created this magical light. More champagne, and then back to their airbnb to celebrate with a pizza picnic and drinks. It was truly magical, and i’m so honoured to have been a part of this day.

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This Harrison hot springs wedding/ vow renewal was simply perfect

Harrison Hot Springs airbnb

steamy session
steamy elopement
Harrison hot springs wedding

Steamy Elopement

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