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Fort Langley Golf Club | A Fort Langley Wedding Venue

Welcome to the Fort Langley Golf Club, a gorgeous Fort Langley Wedding Venue.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sarah, the event coordinator for the Fort Langley Golf Club. I inquired about coming for a tour, and she made it happen. I can tell this venue is passionate about events, the staff is so friendly, and they are just as excited to get back to large events as I am!

The venue it self can host up to 200 people with their massive banquet hall. If a large wedding isn’t your jam, it can be segmented into three separate banquet rooms. The middle room even has a beautiful fireplace. The banquet rooms are very spacious, and have large windows along the back wall to give so much natural light.

The venue includes tables, chairs, and any other items you may need to host your event. Catering staff on site, including plates, glassware, etc. It’s a full service venue!

Fort Langley Wedding Venue

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Just off the banquet rooms, is a large patio that is perfect for cocktail hour. It’s partially covered, and they include bar hight tables for your wedding guests to gather around. The patio also overlooks the golf course, and the views are stunning.

Just imagine a beautiful cocktail hour, with lots of laughs, drinks, and beautiful sunshine.

The outdoor patio also leads you directly into your ceremony space. The patio could provide a great space for your guests to enjoy a cold beverage before your ceremony as well. The staff block off these times to golfers during your wedding day. You won’t have anyone wandering into your event.
This Fort Langley Wedding Venue can host indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies. The ceremony space overlooks the first fairway on the golf course, it’s a beautifully manicured lawn, surrounded by greenery for privacy.
A small walkway leads you into the space, so if you’re having your first look when walking down the isle, you will be well hidden away from your partner and your guests!
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What I love the most about the event space, is that it’s all close together. No need to make your guests hike around from location to location. There is also a beautiful arch to take all your family photos at, as well as your bridal party! And the golf club provides the couple a golf cart, and a guide to take them and their photographer (That’s me! ) around the golf course for their photos.

As a Vancouver Wedding Photographer I LOVE that the club offers a private tour for the couple. This gives them the opportunity to get some alone time, and makes the photo experience so much better. I don’t see a lot of golf clubs offering this, and it’s a big BONUS!

Fort Langley Wedding Venue
This Fort Langley Wedding Venue is located only a 5 minute drive from downtown Fort Langley, a beautiful place to explore for photos as well! It has cool breweries, ice cream shops, and small quaint ally ways. It’s also a few minutes away from Historic Derby Reach, with access to the Fraser River. These are all fabulous places to explore on your wedding day for photos!

For more information on booking this venue for your wedding, or booking a time to tour it yourself, head to the Fort Langley Golf Clubs Website. Or have a watch through my virtual tour below!

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