Joshua Tree Engagement Session – California Wedding Photographer

I’ve travelled to California a few times over the last year and half, and each time I wish I could connect with some clients to put together a shoot. The landscape in Palm Springs is absolutely stunning! I have SO FREAKING MANY IDEAS! If you live in the Palm Springs Area, connect with me and we are going to plan a shoot.

I found these two by posting a Facebook add directed to their area, and when Giovana messaged I got so excited I’m fairly sure I screamed. We chatted back and forth and it turns out that when they got married last year, they didn’t have a professional photographer! Hold up, this is what I do, and now I’m even more excited because I get to show them how awesome and fun it is to work with a pro!

We settled on Joshua Tree National park, I did some research and some pre exploring the day before, and met these two in the middle of no where. Total strangers….. well they trusted me, and I’m so thrilled that they did! This shoot was. dream come true, and I cannot wait to get back out to the desert to photograph more couples.

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