BC Wedding Photographer | 3 Tips on spending quality time together on your wedding day

It seems simple, it’s YOUR wedding day, but in my over five years experience as a BC wedding photographer, I often see my couples missing each other on wedding day. It’s busy, friends and family take up a lot of your social time, and your day flys by, before you know it you’re tumbling into bed together exhausted, thinking “maybe we should have eloped?”

BUT you also at the BEST FREAKING DAY with all your friends and family. How do we merge the two? I got you!!!!!!

I’m here to tell you that no matter what size your wedding is, you can take all the best parts from elopements and weekend wedding extravaganzas and create something magical for you both. You truly want to take the day in together, take time to connect, and check in with each other. Soak ALL THE LOVE in, because now you’re officially married.


1 – Spend the morning together – I know this seems abnormal, but hear me out. I understand that the “bad luck to see each other before the ceremony ” tradition, but seriously, we don’t need to to do this anymore. You don’t have to see each other dressed in your wedding attire (you can totally save this for later in the day) But you spend every day waking up to this person, why not keep that tradition alive on your wedding day? Order breakfast to your house, hotel or airnbn, cuddle in bed and soak in all the pre wedding day vibes together. Have some drinks, get a little buzzed, WHATEVER you want.

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BONUS – Ask your wedding photographer ( me, duh ) to come a do a little couples session that morning. A twist on the “getting ready” photos. (don’t worry i’m here all day). But honestly, how beautiful would those images be, a peek into what your life looks like before you say I do.

** check out this steamy elopement session for what this may look like

After this time, one of you (or both) can head to where your bridal party is getting ready and then keep the “first look” tradition as a part of your day. OR continue getting ready together and stay with one another for the rest of the day.

2 – Do a First Look – Again, a twist on the tradition of seeing your partner for the first time at the end of the isle. But honestly this, as a BC wedding photographer, is my ABSOLUTE FAV moment of the day. Because it’s truly just a moment for the both of you.

Trust me when I saw, your partner is still going to react in front of all your guests (you’re HOT AF, and their marrying their best friend, the reaction isn’t just once) So why not make it extra special.

It also gives you both some time to soak in all that is to come. All the excitement and build up to your wedding day comes to a point right here and now. And then you get to absorb all that energy together. Also, if you want to write each other personal vows, but you’re not really into sharing those with a big group, you can do these now. As your BC wedding photographer, this also gives me time to do some portraits with out the pressure of your wedding party hanging around watching. AND it knocks off some time during portraits later in the day so you can head back for cocktail hour and social with all your fav folks. Plus you get this elopement vibe you may be thinking of, but also with the epic party after.

During your first look you can have a drink together, listening to music, take shots, EAT A FREAKING SNACK, legit whatever you want to do. Your bc wedding photographer ( again, meeeee ) can arrange to bring all of those items. I got lots of room in my suv for a cooler full of drinks!

BONUS – if you have a pet you want to include, or a family member that is so freaking special to you both, this is a great time to include them <3

3 – Add time alone into your reception timeline – yup you read that correct. ADD – Time alone, or closet make out, shots out side, whatever you want to do, MAKE THE TIME. I was advised years ago to even take 5 minutes to stand at the back of the room and take it all in. People watch for a few moments and soak up all the goodness that is happening.

Take it a step further and go for a walk together, take a bottle of champage with you ( oh and maybe me. your wedding photographer) and just breath and hug, and cuddle and ALL THE THINGS.

This is YOUR DAY, and trust me it goes by so freaking fast. The more moments you take to breath, connect and celebrate with just you two, the less exhausted you’ll feel by the end of the night.

I TRULY believe that your wedding can, and will be like no other. Take the time to focus on you two, and add these little moments in along the way. It’s going to be the BEST DAY EVER, and i’m beyond excited to, hopefully, be a part of it.

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