The exuberant and inclusive human being behind the camera!​ I love connecting with people, dancing around my house to all kinds of music, and making people genuinely belly laugh. 

I'm a very spontaneous person and you'll often find me trying a new skill, or creating something weird and wonderful. I also have a huge  passion for learning and discovering and i'm slowly working towards a fine arts degree at the University of the Fraser Valley.

 My love for visual story telling expands beyond photography, and I love being able to use those different skills to create films, designs and unique styles of photography. 

MY APPROACH to documenting you and your partner starts long before your actual session.  I want to take the time to get to know you and your partner,  your strengths, weaknesses, celebrations and struggles. It's what makes your connection special and unique, and I wan to know ALL ABOUT IT! 

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I'm a big believer in adventure. Especially when it involves an airplane. My boyfriend and I love travelling down to California and enjoying time in the sun. On our last trip we explored Joshua Tree National Park! 


My eldest is Elly, and my son, William, is 2 yers younger. These two love to be outdoors, bike riding and being creative. We recently bought our first home as a family, and the kids are loving having their own space. 

Elly wants to be a photographer, just like mum when she grows up. 

my kids

I never thought I would find a partner that not only loves me for me, but celebrates it as well. We spend most of our weekends in our new home, listening to music and dreaming up all the things we want to do together. 

We're currently renovating our first home together in beautiful Abbotsford B.C. 

MR. Peters

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